The following are services offered in store.


When you trust your jewellery repair to Prestige Jewellery, you are in good company.  Thousands of customers have trusted Sam, his sons and his staff with everything from family heirlooms to watch battery replacements. Jewellery is a gift that will last for generations just drop by any museum and you will see earrings, necklaces and rings worn by kings and queens.

Despite its long life, jewellery still needs to be taken care of, so that the piece can shine on your person rather than lie neglected and broken in some long forgotten dresser drawer.

Breathe new life into a valued piece of jewellery by bringing it in to Prestige Jewellery.  We’ll inspect the piece and discuss the options with you.  From a simple cleaning, to resetting a stone, to more elaborate choices such as combining two broken pieces into one, the end result will be a restored piece that will shine for years to come.


Sizing, Custom designed rings, stone settings, replacement stones (diamonds, ruby’s, emeralds, etc.), new ring shanks, rebuilding or remaking rings, checking and tightening stones and replacing lost or damaged stones.


Safety chains, hinges, clasps, stone settings, building new links to lengthen bracelet, removing links to shorten (sometimes customers want the removed links made into earrings or a pendant), replacement stones (diamonds, ruby’s, emeralds, Opals, Tanzanite, etc.).


New bails, custom made omega slides, stone settings, rebuilding pendant, replacement stones (diamonds, ruby’s, emeralds, etc.), Cameo bezels, custom made Mother of Pearl pendants.


Conversions, screw back, omega back, clip, French backs, dangles, custom made earrings (when one of those special pieces goes missing), checking, tightening and if necessary replacing damaged or missing stones.

All repairs and custom designed jewellery are thoroughly inspected before they are delivered to insure customer satisfaction.  Prestige Jewellery will provide you with the prompt, quality service and support that you deserve.  Come in an talk to Sam, Rob or Ara and you will learn why customers trust them.